Looking for a new bar for your kite?  Kitesurf Bulgaria has got bars of many brands in different types and sizes for every kite out there. Make sure you pick the right bar for your kite. A wrong kite bar can cause quite a few problems. We sell 4 & 5-line kite bars from brands like Eleveight, Reedin, CoreFlysturferSlingshot. We always guarantee the best price on the market! Do you manage to find a lower price somewhere else? Please give us a call and we will adjust the price directly for you. Read more »


How does a bar work?

First of all, we recommend anyone to get some kitesurf lessons before you start kitesurfing on your own. Kitesurfing can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. So if you're still wondering how a bar works, we recommend you take a few more kite lessons, just to be sure. If you're just looking for more in-depth information about kite bars keep on reading.

A kite bar is made to control your kite. When we talk about a bar, we often talk about the bar + all the lines together. These bars can endure immense forces and they are made to transfer all the power from your kite to the rider. The bar used for kitesurfing consists of a control bar, steering lines, power lines, depower system, chickenloop, quick release, V split, safety line and depower line.


Do I need a separate bar for each kite?

Normally you don't need a separate bar for each kite. For example, if you have 3 kites you could do well with two bars. Although make sure your bar has the right size for the kite your using. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that a bar doesn't always fit on each kite. So if you have multiple kites of the same brand/type you probably use the same bar. You will save some money by doing this although its durability will drop a lot faster than normal.

What bar size do I need?

Kite bars come in many different types and sizes. It's important that you choose the right bar width for your kite. If you have a big kite you're going to need a large bar, if you have a small kite you will be better off using a smaller bar. T. An average bar width is 50cm. If you have a small kite, around the 6m, your better use a 44cm bar. If you have a 12m kite or even larger than we recommend a bar bigger than 50cm. You can adjust the width of most bars, so you can make your bar bigger or smaller if you switch kites