Looking for a new harness, Kitesurf Bulgaria has got one for you! A harness is the direct link between you and your kite. A good harness provides good back support while kitesurfing and transfers your kite's power to your body. Two types of harnesses are used during kiting, a waist harness or a seat harness. Depending on your personal preference, choose a kitesurf harness that fits you. Kitesurf Bulgaria has all sorts of harnesses to provide the right fit and comfort for everyone Read more »


Different kind of harnesses

While kitesurfing, two different types of harnesses are used. The seat harness and the waist harness. The big difference between the two is that a waist harness doesn't have an area to sit on. This provides extra support in the lower back and ensures that the harness doesn't goes up while kitesurfing.

Benefits of a seat harness:

  • Doesn't slide up while kitesurfing

  • Lower hook. This makes it easier for you to depower your kite, especially for people with short arms

  • Easier to use your weight when you ride overpowered. Because your center body gravity is lower

  • Better back support, especially if you have a weak back

    Benefits of a waist harness:

  • Light weight and easy to use

  • More freedom of movement during kiting

  • More Performance

  • If you want more freedom of movement while kiting and want to develop yourself when it comes to jumps and other tricks, a waist harness is the way to go. So if you have a weak back, you can better take a seat harness. Most advanced kiters like a waist harness, because you can easily turn your body and move your legs more freely If you choose a waist harness, you can also consider choosing a so-called hardshell harness. These harnesses have a harder back panel than a standard waist harnesses and offer more support than usual. The most famous hardshell harnesses are those of Ride Engine and Mystic.

    What should I consider before buying a harness?

    A kitesurf harness is a very important and essential part of your kite set. We recommend that you don't safe money on this part of your kite gear. Often people choose a harness because it looks nice, but always put comfort above looks. As written above, it is very important that you make the right choice between a waist or seat harness. The most important factor when purchasing a harness is the fit and the size of a harness. Choose a harness that is comfortable and seamlessly connect to the shapes of your body. Make sure it isn't too big, because a harness offers the most support when it is real tight around your body.

    What different hooks are there?

    A kitesurf harness always has a hook at the front to which you can attach a chickenloop. This hook is firmly sealed to the spreader bar. Most harness manufacturers use a standard hook, because it works well in combination with the chickenloop. The hook bends downwards so your chickenloop won't slip out so easily . As soon as you put your donkey dick through it, you're firmly locked in and your kite won't go anywhere without you.