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Pure Freedom

As if snowboarding and kitesurfing actually meshed into one single sport it would be Snowkiting. Imagine taking a lift high atop a beautiful mountain, you set your kite in motion and get your feet firmly planted you start your run down a long white hill. As you snowboard down the mountain your kite helps you gain speed and with a good gust of wind you too can be 10 – 15 feet in the air. With this much gravity you too can be implementing the same moves as the kitesurfer does including jibing and crossing over.


Snowkiting is another example of the popular extreme sport series as there are many hazards that circle this sport as well as kitesurfing. Snowkiters take their board to the mountain and ride the winds down fast and furious.

Flysurfer Demo Tour

Come and test the latest snowkiting equipment from Flysurfer

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Snowkiting Lessons and courses

3 Hours • 120 Euro - 3 Hour beginner course

  • Formal opening, selection of the best conditions for training, safety rules, preparation of kite equipment, crisis management, wind theory, practical training with the kite.

  • Preparation of kites, safe take- off and landing of kites, standing-up using the kite, starting to ride with kite on a ski or with snowboard

  • Riding there and back, stopping the ride

  • Training of the upwind rising, practicing of simple maneuvers and turns,

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General Information

For safety reasons, you should learn snowkiting in a professional school. In the snowkite course you will learn weather & wind, the basics of kite handling and important maneuvers in the snow.

Vitosha Snowkite School adjusts the courses to the level and experience of the participants. We offer courses for beginners, advanced and intermediate courses for kite surfers, who have little experience on the snow with foilkites. For experienced kiters there is also a guiding for snowkite backcountry tours on Vitosha Mountain

With a good training, it is possible to safely practice snowkiting with skis or snowboards.

Wind of Change Snowkite Festival and Flysurfer Demo Tour event.


Snowkite Bulgaria