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Core Sensor 2S Pro bar


Core Sensor 2S kitesurf bar with Tectanium® lines and S-neck

This Core Sensor 2S bar has it all! Fully packed with the most high tech features. This is the Core Sensor 2S pro kitesurf bar. It is not going to be more high tech than this. Even lighter and even safer than the Sensor 2S + bar.

The Core Sensor 2S pro bar has a titanium core just like the Sensor bars. The titanium core in the Sensor 2S pro bar has a light but extremely strong carbon construction, so that the carbon with titanium Sensor S2 pro bar has the same breaking strength as the normal Sensor bars, but is stiffer and lighter. The weight of the bar is only 200 grams!

All lines of the Core Sensor 2S bar are made entirely from Tectanium® and are exclusively developed for Core kiteboarding. The Tectanium® lines are the strongest lines on the kitesurf market. These Tectanium® lines that are on the Core Sensor S2 pro bar are 10% lighter and thinner, have a 50% higher breaking strength and a 400% better stretch resistance than the normal kitesurfing lines used on the Core Sensor bars. The lines are 24 meters long. The 24 meter has a structure of 18 + 4 + 2 meters. This structure allows you to fly your kite on 18, 20, 22 and 24 meter lines!

Just like the other Sensor 2S bars from Core, the Sensor 2S pro bar also has an S-system. This system is a combination of super smooth high tech swivel with ceramic bearings and an S neck connection from the QR to the power lines. The S system ensures that you are no longer annoyed by twisted power lines. The powerlines untwist automatically with this S System. The strong and tick Tectanium® depower lines are equipped with a strong polyether. Thanks to this protective layer of the depower lines, you can easily pull the bar towards you without too much friction. The depower on the power lines works with a simple clam cleat system. The Core Sensor 2S pro bar can be adjusted in width by adjusting the distance of the control lines from 46 to 52 centimetres.

Choose the Core Sensor 2S pro kitesurf bar as your 'partner-in-crime' together with your Core kite for the best kitesurf experience!


  • Full Tectanium® lines
  • Variable structure of 24m (18 + 4 + 2)
  • Carbon / titanium 200 grams bar
  • Ceramic bearings
  • S-neck
  • Supported Single Frontline Safety
  • adjustable width (46 to 52 cm)
  • Run Quick Release
  • Clam cleat depower

Core Sensor 2 Pro

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