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Become а Kitesurfer! 

This is a fantastic sport. Give it a shot, take a course, start learning. You will like it! And if you really take the time to learn kitesurfing it will change your life!

I promise you!


Kitesurfing in Gokceada island in Turkey

Kitesurf Bulgaria offers many different kitesurfing courses in the Gokceada.

Why Kitesurf Bulgaria?

We are a team of motivated kitesurfers and we love our work. You will learn with the best instructors with a minimum of four years experience in kitesurfing teaching.

We offer courses for all levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

We choose only the best certified instructors with extensive international experience.

All our courses are with the latest Flysurfer, Eleveight, Reedin and Core kites gear and equipment.

All our courses and program include: full equipment

​We offer private and semi-private classes. But what does all this mean for you?

Private classes - really is the best way to learn Kitesurf. You will have the full attention of your instructors during the course and their single

goal is to get you to achieve your goal

Upon completion of this program you will turn into a completely individual kiteboarder ready to conquer

new destinations, different water conditions and wind! You will be certified and receive a membership card, which you can use to rent equipment worldwide.

The duration of each level is relative and depends on the individual abilities to absorb the material.

Individual KItesurf Courses:


Full Kitesurf Course 12 hours - 500 euro

Main Kitesurf Course 9 hours - 430 euro 

Main Kitesurf Course 7 hours - 330 euro

Beginners Kitesurf Course 3hours - 130 euro


Private Lesson - 50 euro / Hour


1. complete kite and board – 50 EUR/day, 230 EUR/week
2. kite + bar – 45 EUR/day, 180 EUR/week
3. board – 20 EUR/day, 80 EUR/week

Wetsuit 5 Euro/day

​​The price of all programs includes full equipment, fee for certification.

To make a a reservation or a booking

please contact us at +359889999625 or

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