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The skater background of some members of the team has convinced us of the advantages of a shape that is as close to it as possible.

This special pocket board is equipped with a sophisticated construction and a minimum volume ideally placed to guarantee tolerance and pleasure in the progression. The FS3 gets all the benefits of a pocket board by pushing accessibility to its maximum. The experienced rider or the talented beginner who wants to ride in waves, freestyle and cruising will be delighted. This FS3 is characterized by its handling and its homogeneous and precise behaviour. In strapless the board is glued to the feet and is quickly placed in the curves.The pronounced concave provides perfect control, sharp and sharp curves. It is a product as radical as it is intuitive with a strong penchant for aerial and vertical moves.It comes in XS version for even more compactness, more technical, it will find its place under the feet of an experienced rider.

Pocket Kitefoil FS3 Freestyle Freeride Foilboard 4.1 x 18.5 - 19 Liters

  • Shipping 1-10 Days

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