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The Transformer is an agile and solid kite wave board with the option of mounting your foil. For this purpose eight thread inserts offer two mounting positions.

  • Perfect for strapless wave kiting – with tail kick position at rear footpad for radical wave riding
  • Optimized foot strap options for every riding style (kitesurf/wavekite/foil)
  • Turning speed vs. upwind performance: smooth running in high speed kiting
  • Wide variety in terms of personal setup and fine-tuning options (2 foil mount options, 5-insert straps)
  • Nose shape and S/R line optimized for soft touchdowns (foiling) and radical surfing in steep and choppy wave conditions
  • Lightweight carbon/glass fiber construction with strong reinforcements
  • Thruster fin configuration and concave bottom shape are perfect for easy wave riding, full-speed escape from high waves or surfing down the line



All boards come ready to fly, with 3 straps and foil mount hardware. 
Length5 ́3” (160 cm)
Width18 1⁄8” (46 cm)
Thickness2 2⁄8” (5,9 cm)
Volume27 ltrs
Weight3,9 kg
FoilmountInserts for plate mount (165 x 90 mm)
 Two foil mounting positions (+/- 40 mm)





Foil boardSurf board comes with kick tailed rear pad & front pads
FinsFCS II REACTOR Thruster Fin Set (Medium)
Accessory Bag 
Strap hardware3 straps incl. screws and washers
Foil mount hardware4 x M8 x 25 stainless steel bolts
 4 x washers, stainless steel
 4 x washers, PVC

Levitaz Transformer

  • Shipping 1-10 Days

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