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Kitefoil VR7 Race Foilboard - 4.5 x 16.9 - 26 Liters


The VR7 is associated with our very high-performance foil project, the ZENOS. Its dynamic DNA embodies the radicality but seduces by a particularly balanced relationship between sportiness and comfort.

This VR7 offers maximum performance without giving up the tolerance essential to very high level navigation.

The volume of the board and the dimensions have been completely revised to result in a much more compact and dynamic set. In 2020, the VR7 takes more angle and provides a feeling of lightness and manoeuvrability under the feet. The outline has been redesigned to provide better behaviour in contact with water. The spatula is much more progressive and the volume distribution more homogeneous.High-speed touchdowns do not destabilize the pilot and limit the loss of airspeed. The low-deck capabilities of the VR7 were also improved with powerful accelerations during the take-off phase. The construction of the VR7 2020 offers an absolute rigidity, the feedback of the foil is precisely measured. The Zenos VR7 is extremely accurate and equipped for the highest navigation regimes.


Kitefoil VR7 Race Foilboard - 4.5 x 16.9 - 26 Liters

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