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Designed for pure freestyle-performance, loaded with the latest high-tech materials, the Commander raises the bar of what is possible on the water and in the air.


  • High-performance freestyle twintip for hardcore maneuvers
  • Triax Carbon Composite with optimized torsional stiffness
  • Medium to hard flex for immediate board control
  • Carbon reinforcement for refined rebound flex
  • Multi-channel design for ultimate grip


The incredible performance of the Commander V2 is driven by the relentless passion for kiteboarding and technology of Austrian board shaper Franz Schitzhofer. He strives for perfection, instantly noticeably, when stepping onto his latest masterpiece. Made for radical maneuvers and insane technical tricks, the Commander delivers the second the board touches the water. Freestyle-prodigy and Eleveight lead tester Arthur Guillebert rides the board in combination with the FS, sending extreme handlepass tricks. The advanced flex pattern allows him to hold the edge much longer than with any other board. Harnessing this power, he then uses the board’s incredible release to pop. The massive boost that follows gives him the air time he needs to stomp a triple handlepass, a trick only a few riders on the planet have ever mastered. The board’s fine-tuned rocker line and flex cushion landings, taking away the strain on the knees.


Just like Arthur’s maneuvers are a combination of skill, power, and equipment, the Commander’s secret to success is a combination of materials, design, and craftsmanship. We fuse a rare low-density Paulownia 3D wood core with performance-tech materials such as a Triax Carbon Composite, to optimize the torsional stiffness, a key element in any take-off situation. A stringer made out of unique carbon fiber with specific compression properties creates an insane rebound flex. Durability and longevity are outstanding thanks to an improved bottom shape using a new Biax Layer alignment and additional fiberglass reinforcement patches. This shred stick carries the essence of freestyle kiteboarding. It was constructed following the most rigid industry standards, leaving no room for error. The Commander is the game-changer for hardcore freestyle riders, setting the bar of what is possible.

Eleveight 2021 Commander

  • Shipping 1-10 days

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