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Core XR6 




Core all-round freeride hangtime machine!

The new flying machine from Core has arrived! The XR6 is ready to take you to unknown territories. Maarten Haeger surprised friend and foe when he broke the 30 meters with his XR. Besides the fact that the Core XR6 is a brilliant kite for jumping high, the XR6 is also very suitable for comfortable freeride sessions due to its predictable nature and ability to handle gusts very well. Step aboard of the Core XR6 and fly to "destination unknown"!


Product Video Here


Product Video Here Whether you like to cruise all day with your kite on a lake or at sea try to make the most of every kicker, the Core XR6 isn’t afraid of any action. One of the best all-round kites on the market. The Core XR6 has a delta bow shape with a five struts construction. This makes the Core XR6 not only super strong and powerful but also gives it very good depower possibilities and a reliable character. With the help of the CIT (Core Intelligent Trim) System you can adjust the Core XR6 to your own preferences. For example, there is an option for wave, all-round and freestyle. The Core XR6 comes 'ready-to-fly' from the bag in the all-round setting. The short bridles give you a nice direct feeling with the XR6 so that you always know what the kite is going to do and you will not be faced with surprises.

The five-struts construction of the XR6 is not the only thing that is strong about the Core XR6. The materials used are also of the highest possible quality. For example, the fabric is made from CoreTex® triple ripstop. This fabric is super stiff and hard to break, so the kite keeps a tight profile over the years. The used dacron on the leading edge and struts has been specially developed for Core ExoTex® dacron. This dacron is super smooth and therefore ensures that the air flow around the kite is as smooth as possible, resulting in stable behavior in the air. The XR6's leading edge and struts are equipped with Grintex® reinforcements to prevent the wear of the kite at important points that scour a lot, for example on the beach. The most important update of the XR6 compared to the XR5 is the steering speed. The XR5 was often experienced as fairly slow. That is why Core has improved the steering speed of XR6. Core did this by changing the bridle attachment points on the XR6. A changed bridge attachment point has a huge impact on the performance of a kite, making the XR6 a lot faster due to this small adjustment. In addition, Core has managed to make the XR6 a little lighter by, among other things, shortening the air tubes. An additional advantage of this is that you can pump up the Core XR6 faster, because if you haven't been kiting for days, every second counts;)!

So are you ready to travel to unprecedented heights? Or do you just want a super stable and reliable kite for all conditions? Then the Core XR6 is a kite that you will really enjoy. Don't wait and get your own the next generation Core XR kite, the XR6 today!


  • All-round freeride kite
  • Big Air machine!
  • 5 struts
  • Improved steering speed
  • Delta bow shape
  • Fast "instant relaunch"
  • Large wind range
  • Good easy depower
  • CIT adjustable
  • CoreTex® triple ripstop
  • ExoTex® dacron
  • GrinTex® reinforcements
  • Fast one-pump speed valve 2
  • Available in two colors

Core XR6

  • Shipping 1-10 Days

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