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Core Kiteboarding GTS5 Kite

The Freestyle Ninja 

Freestyle and kiteloop machine from Core

The GTS is probably the all-star kite from Core. A megaloop champion. The videos of unhooked kiteloops on short lines cannot be unseen ;). Steven Akkersdijk shows us every year what the GTS5 can do during the King of the Air and the Megaloop Challange. Even during a freestyle session, the GTS5 will not let you down, in freestyle mode the GTS5 has some sick performance! The Core GTS5 has an all-round character with freestyle peformance and massive kiteloops in its march. The GTS5 is a true must-have for advanced freestyle big air kitesurfers who want to push their boundaries with a reliable kite.


Product Video Here 

The Core GTS5 is made of CoreTex tripple ripstop canopy fabric which gives the kite a stiff profile. The familiar 'Future (open) C Shape' design of which we are used to is also used in this new GTS5. This design gives you a slightly more friendly C shape feeling with super smooth and controlled kiteloops. The three strut frame provides fast steering speed and a lighter weight for a little extra drift.

The new GTS5 has a renewed ultra-short bridle system. The shorter the better! It consists of a short double pulley system that allows you to steer more directly and get better feedback from your Core GTS5. You always know where the GTS5 is in the windwindow. That is handy when you are upside down during a massive megaloop frontroll!

The GTS5 comes with the Core Intelligent Trim System with which you can easily adjust the kite to a wave, all-round or freestyle setup. Everything with the changing of a few simple knots. In the 'wave' mode you can turn even faster and you have more depower. On 'freestyle' mode, the GTS5 gives more power and longer turns with more slack for unhooked tricks. The 'all round' setting is the perfect combination between depower, hangtime and pop.

In short, are you ready for a more aggressive all-round kite with a freestyle character, for big air and to be the king of megaloops? The Core GTS5 is your kite! Ready to progress together with you on all fronts.


  • Freestyle, freeride, big air kite
  • Three struts
  • 4 lines with a high V split
  • Coretex® triple ripstop canopy
  • Exotex® Dacron
  • Grintex® reinforcements
  • Short bridle system
  • Fast one-pump system
  • Core Intelligent Trim System
  • Fast relaunch

Core GTS5

  • Shipping 1-10 days

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