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All-round freestyle performance! The Choice 3 from Core is equipped with the most awesome freestyle features. Deep channels for grip and a freestyle flex.

Core freestyle twintip kiteboardThe Core Choice 3 is made to take your freestyle to the next level. The Choice 3 has everything you want from a freestyle kiteboard: high speed, lots of grip, nice pop and controlled landings. Whether you prefer riding with straps or boots doesn’t matter for the Choice 3, the only thing that matters is that you have fun land your next freestyle tricks with the Core Choice 3 twintip kiteboard.Under the hood of the Core Choice 3 there are numerous innovations and techniques that give the Choice 3 its riding characteristics, which make this board so good for freestyle. To begin with, the construction of the Core Choice 3 consists of a combination of a wooden Paulownia core with Cartan® Carbon layers. The result is a light and durable kiteboard. When applying the Cartan® Carbon layers, Core has taken into account not to make the board too stiff but to provide an ideal flex suitable for freestyle.New to the Core Choice 3 are the multi channels that run over the kiteboard. Grip and speed are essential when performing freestyle tricks and high jumps. The multiple deep channels promote the speed of the Choice 3 kiteboard and provide extra grip on the water. This way you can ride on to a wave at high speed, with a huge amount of grip and boost the air! Or create the perfect pop for your first back-mobe. In addition, the Choice 3 has a deep V shape keel in the bottom that is inspired by speed boats. The deep V shape offers stability at high speed, just like with a speedboat, and cuts super easily through choppy water. In addition, the V shape splits the water as it were when you land after a jump of unhooked trick. The V shape gives the Choice 3 kiteboard a comfortable feature in addition to the aggressive freestyle characteristics.The thickness of the rail of the Core Choice 3 is variable along the length. The rail is 9.5 mm thick in the middle. The thickness of the rail runs down to the tips where the thickness is 3 mm. The variable length contributes to the control and pop which you will defiantly feel in the Core Choice 3. Core has given the Choice 3 a progressive freestyle rocker, more rocker than for example in the Fusion 3. This little extra rocker gives the Choice 3 more pop and softer landings. The biggest rocker is found between the foot straps and flattens out for the tips.The Core Choice 3 is an ideal kiteboard when you have a slightly more aggressive sailing style where you occasionally do a unhooked freestyle trick. But also want to fly as high as possible through the air to show your friends who really is the king of the spot!

  • All-round freestyle
  • Cartan® Carbon
  • Multiple channels
  • Suitable for straps and boots
  • Including G10 fins


Fun or maybe, you’re new to freestyle. And you’re not sure whether being locked into boots is your thing right now. So, you’d rather hedge your bets and ride a board that’s just as much fun in straps as in boots. We made the Choice 3 for you too. Its new full-length deep Vee hull smoothes out nasty chop. And together with its optimized outline and mega channels, this comfortable allrounder rips upwind with reduced spray.

The Gen3 springs into action with the same proven CNC milled Paulownia and Cartan carbon sandwich construction used in the prior model and its adamantine cousin, the Bolt 3. Only now, the board is around 200g lighter without reducing its carbon or wood content! Our build method delivers outstanding flex properties; encouraging good freeride flex when gybing, controlling chop; and reducing bad flex (aka negative rocker) when landing hard or freestyling.  But wait, there’s more! The Choice 3 also gets deeper channels that reduce the wetted surface area (and by extension, water resistance) thereby increasing board speed. We finished the board with a shiny, UV blocking topcoat. Whew! That’s a lot of new stuff!

Core Choice3

  • Shipping 1-10 Days

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