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The Foil : The AlpineFoil Access CARBON kitefoil is completely removable and interchangeable, which allows an optimal progressivity. In order to always improve, AlpineFoil has reworked the fuselage adding a sacrificial anode on it, the mast and the housing of the Access in order to push the limits while making it more secure. This kitefoil is now deliver with the new wing Lift. Compatible with the RTeam range.

The Board : The VR5 foilboard has been designed to guarantee takeoff (thanks to its double concave hull), as well as excellent speeding. Fluid and intuitive, it ensures the rider control and safety.

This package includes : 1 board VR5 140 x 50 - 26 liters, 1 carbon wing LIFT and 1 carbon stabilizer, 1 carbon 95cm mast and 1 aluminum fuselage, 1 sacrificial anode, GIS galvanic isolators, A4 stainless steel mounting bolting, 1 KF-Box housing. Delivered without footstrap and without fins.

Combo Pack Kitefoil AlpineFoil Access Carbon LIFT + VR5 Foilboard Freeride 2020

  • Shipping 1-10 Days

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