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Kitefoil ACCESS V3

Access V3 AlpineFoil kitefoil - Choice of carbon wing : Lift 800 or Wave 700 + carbon stabilizer - KF-Box or 4 holes plate. Level: beginner to expert.


Innovations :

+ Fuselage :

• Rounded rostrum for more safety but always present to guide the flow, in order to fully exploit the potential of the wing,
• Refined drift for better flow and optimal trajectory control,
• Optimized wedging.

+ Mast :

• New housing installation profile (type B) : reinforced mast at the base of the housing and side milling removed to increase rigidity and strength.
• Internal mast leash (option).

Présentation Kitefoil - ACCESS V3

+ Housing :

• Double fixing screws for more reliability and rigidity,
• Anodized aluminum OAD 70 microns housing, which allows use in seawater,
• Type B profile for deeper installation of the mast as well as for a laminar flow of water.

The AlpineFoil ACCESS V3 kitefoil is completely removable and interchangeable: this exceptional versatility offers the rider a real possibility of progress.

Stronger, more rigid, more stable, more secure, more accessible, more manageable, more reliable and with a design ever more worked : in addition to its incredible performances, the ACCESS V3 will offer you extraordinary sensations.

Alpine Foil Kitefoil ACCESS V3

  • Shipping 1-10 Days

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