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Access Carbon AlpineFoil kitefoil - Choice of carbon wing : Lift 800 or Wave 700 + carbon stabilizer - KF-Box or 4 holes plate. Level: beginner to expert.


NEWS  : 

  • Fuselage V3 with sacrificial anode
  • Lift wing instead of XLP
  • Carbon mast high performance continuous fiber
  • MCBOX Monobloc carbon Box double vis
  • Technology with double inserts ( compatible board with one hole)
  • Monolitic highly fine fuselage 
  • Mast 60cm special price pack +199 euros

Option :

Adapter box 3D Carbon (KF Box with plate 4 holes) size 165*90 compatible with board  Liquid Force, Slingshot, Lift,  SWORD1, Carafino, Zeeko, Levitaz, Moses, North

The major feature of carbon mast is its compatibility with all previous Access versions as all wings of Supfoil and Windfoil ranges. The AlpineFoil priority goal is to develop and accompany Access owners with carbon mast purchase.

The persons who have a board with plates system can access new mast thanks to new carbon 3D plates. They have created by AlpineFoil from the perspective to develop mechanical system and for the effort pick-up and enable superior stiffness of assembly with perfect modularity.




Alpine Foil Kitefoil ACCESS CARBON

  • Shipping 1-10 Days

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