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  • RAM-Air Kite
  • 2-line control bar with safety leash
  • Easy handling and simple set up
  • No previous kite experience required
  • Compact kite bag for easy travel
  • High flight stability and wide wind range
  • E8 trusted quality



Our Eleveight Trainer Kite is perfect for newcomers to enter the sport of kiting. It allows anyone to learn how to handle a kite in a safe and enjoyable way
.The 2.5m RAM-Air design is very easy to handle, robust enough to survive almost any misuse, stable in all wind conditions and it has safe launch and landing characteristics. The 2-line aluminum bar is easy to rig and comes with a convenient wrist leash.

If the kite develops too much power for you to handle or you feel uncomfortable in any way, all you have to do is let go of the bar. The kite will land automatically with minimal power until you are ready to re-launch. Similar to all Eleveight products we build the trainer kite with highest attention to quality and durability. We equipped it with an internal construction that makes the kite as durable as possible.
The trainer kite will boost your progress on the water.


We develop a trainer kite to get an easy feel for kite control and handling, so that you learn the essential skills faster and safer than ever before.

Eleveight TRS Trainer Kite

  • Shipping 1-10 Days

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