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XLITE – FOIL BETTER from CORE Kiteboarding 

20% lighter than two of Core’s other kites, the Nexus and the Section, the XLITE benefits from the Section’s drifting skills in waves but also that same Nexus-like low-end power in light conditions. The extra juice (and lighter overall weight) allows you to ride a smaller kite than you might usually (even on a foil) and the kite’s higher canopy aspect ratio makes it sit forward in the window so that you don’t overtake it on your foil.


Product Video Here


Core have used their CoreTex material for the canopy and the new ExoTex Light for the leading edge. The CoreTex adds support to the one strut canopy while the ExoTex is nearly as strong, but also 10% lighter. Further weight reduction’s been achieved with anti-snag bridles that also improve the kite’s handling and water relaunching.




Although it’s light at the bar and easy to depower, it still has a direct response to your input so its quick and easy to manoeuvre and Core reckon you’ll be able to get out on one of these in winds as low as eight knots. That’s foil kite territory right there..


Core X-Lite

Color: Black
  • Shipping 1-10 Days

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